Monday, October 22, 2007

Thing 3

Wow, paper dolls; I haven't played with these in a really long time. Look closely at the picture. Yes, she's wearing a lovely red "Vanna" dress, but I'm the one up against the wall. It's my "secret identity" so don't tell anyone; maybe they'll think I'm Vanna.

Thing 4

Well, learning right along. I'm already to step 4; except I had to skip 3 because of technical difficulties. Stay tuned for #3 and backtracking later.

I've registered my blog spot, so now let me contemplate what will I do with this new found learning. I will try to invite student comments and suggestions for books, series, etc. This may be easier than running the report in SIRSI. I will encourage students to post reviews and reactions to the Lone Star books. As I learn more and become more familiar with blogging, perhaps I will expand my list of things to do.

Thing 1 & Thing 2

Thing 1 - A New Beginning

Apprehensive about another technically advanced application, but determined to maintain a positive attitude, I arrived late for our Staff Development day at McDonald. (The breakfast offerings at PDC were better and coffee was available; however, I didn't take time to partake.) This Web 2.0 is intimidating and overwhelming with little time to work on it even beyond the school day. To begin learning about the program was frustrating as well because the computer did not want to play the power point. Determined I clicked my way through the power point with no graphics or photos. I'm becoming familiar with blogging, tagging, wikis, podcasting, online applications, video and image hosting sties. There's so much to learn. Thank goodness we only have 23 not 43 things and we can win an iPod Nano - whatever that is. Remember, positive attitude.

Thing 2 - Lifelong learners

I'm learning new things which is a good thing. The 7 1/2 Habits title alone amused me. I like learning 1/2 of something - just kidding. The easiest part is to accept responsibility for my own learning. However, the rest of the other habits remain the most difficult. Number 3 states it best: Problems are challenges; this is a problem so it is a challenge that I will try to overcome. #4 will be the most difficult - "be confident." I don't think so. I don't want my information public, there is enough of that. Once you've experienced identity theft, you certainly want to protect your identity and privacy. I do love to learn new things, though, privately.